Now you know you have a GOOD GIRL operating in you.


You know she's not going anywhere (thanks, evolution!) BUT you also know she's not the only strategic voice in there, not the only one calling the shots. You want to keep learning what IS your "Good Girl" -- how she operates in you, what she says to you, how she makes you feel, and what she wants -- so you can learn to move beyond her, choose when you want to listen to her, and when you definitely DO NOT.


Because you are tired of holding back from your edge, tired of being hesitant, oddly waiting for someone to give you permission to be amazing.


To kick ass. To manifest all the things deep down inside you know you're capable of and yearning to do. The part of you that is who you AUTHENTICALLY are, who is learning to say "fuck it!" and going for it. Who is cheering on other women, helping and supporting them because we all know how hard this is and how much is at stake. And is starting to 'build your own sandboxes' because you have stopped being concerned and victimized (the Good Girl) by what you DON'T HAVE, and have become inspired by and driven to build what YOU SEE. What YOU WANT. Alone and with others.

If this is you,


...then you know that there's no time to waste and until your "fuck it" is your center of gravity, you want to work at BUSTING YOUR GOOD GIRL.


I will be offering...


small groups of committed women who, together, will further understand, examine, explore, and create from their deepest selves: the free, uninhibited, fearless, creative part we all know is there. To be considered to be in a BUSTING GROUP, you'll need to have worked with me before or contact me to set up an interview.




Contact me for further details including cost, location, and schedule.