A multimedia talk & discussion about the origins and implications of "the Good Girl", her obsession with perfectionism and 'playing nice', and ultimately her stifling effects on women's confidence, leadership, and untapped potentials.




"Completely eye-opening and inspiring."

- Donna L, Digitas


"A huge lightbulb moment -- it's an incredible talk." - Lindsey S, Wells Fargo






It is well-known that there still exists a gap in the business sector in terms of women in leadership and decision-making positions. While there are many inroads to address this issue, unpacking gender expectations and its effects on confidence, perfectionism, leadership, and innovation is key.


That gap is pretty much across the board in just about every field. It was coined the "16% Ghetto" because it seems to be where women have stalled out in terms of leadership, in some arenas it is going backwards.


Holly's work has been and continues to be in unpacking and understanding WHY that is...and then moving that needle. Significantly. And quickly.  


She's had great success with groups of women in all sectors of business, exploring the structures within themselves and discovering the parts (as with each of us) that are not inhibited by the debilitating need to get everything right, please everyone, be liked, say what others want to hear, follow shoulds instead of authentic inspirations, and succumb to the unspoken subtle competitions between one another that arise. She's created a dynamic, thought-provoking and inspiring talk that explores the historical, psychological, and social origins of "the Good Girl". It unearths how "the Good Girl" inhibits women's leadership capabilities, blocks innovative thinking, and undermines authentic confidence.


Holly then exposes what lies beyond "the Good Girl" that also lives in all women - the free, fearless, bold, decisive, and self-directed part - and what it takes to access it and strengthen it.


• the talk includes a powerpoint presentation
• it is followed by a discussion and inquiry
• the talk is typically 90 minutes but the length can be tailored
It takes many, many factors to create change on this level - having women in important, decision-making, leadership roles is pivotal and will catalyze a much-needed shift.
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• Powerpoint presentation (visuals, no audio)
• Length is variable

These original talks and discussions are for women and men from any field and background.



Razorfish (NYC)
Skadden law firm (NYC)
Walt Disney Animation Studios (LA)
M&C Saatchi (LA)
The Free Association (London)


• Women & Gender values
• Perfectionism, Likability & Confidence
• Women’s History
• Media
• Social and Cultural Dynamics
• Creativity
• Biological and Historical Lens on Gender



Holly offers her talk WHEN SHE IS TRAVELING IN THE U.S. AND ABROAD. SHE IS ALSO AVAILABLE for private bookings.

For more information contact Sharon Fredrickson.