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Every woman out there knows exactly what being the “Good Girl” means.


We have all seen her on TV and in movies, in millions of ways where being “the Good Girl” always wins and is always rewarded. It means playing it safe, doing it right, getting it perfect, and pleasing everyone around you. And THAT has very little to do with comedy.
Comedy (specifically) and performance (generally) are about taking risks, exposing one’s self, being vulnerable, being ‘out there’, being edgy and real, willing to make mistakes, look ugly or silly or insecure, and not caring one iota about getting it ‘perfect’.


Where does this “Good Girl” come from and how awake are we to how she works in us?


Holly Mandel has been directing, teaching, and performing improv for over fifteen years, as well as having worked at Comedy Central, Disney Pictures and ABC television. And despite everything she wishes weren’t the case, she can’t help but wonder what IS woman’s role in comedy? If the opportunities we now have are equal to men’s, is this it? Is this what we have to bring to the table? Or is there more? And if so, WHY aren’t we bringing it?

Is there something culturally and psychologically that might still be an obstacle for women in comedy, the creative arts...and even leadership?


Whether it’s stand-up, improv, sketch, or comedic roles in theater, TV, or film, Mandel has been aware that there does seem to still be something that holds women back from their edge, their highest potential and deepest aspirations.

That something is “the Good Girl.” And her time is up.


Women and men in all fields – including the performing arts but certainly not limited to it – are welcome to join the exploration and discussion around women’s development, where the "Good Girl"  came from (culturally and psychologically), how she shows up today, and most importantly, how we are going to move beyond her.



GOOD GIRLS AREN'T FUNNY is a talk, a workshop, a book, a corporate training program (GOOD GIRLS AREN'T CEOs) and...a catalyst.

Get Woke. Get Involved. Get Ready...there's a New Culture needing to be Built.

Holly Mandel

Holly Mandel

Well behaved women rarely make history.

— Eleanor Roosevelt
What do you think the new woman will be? - Nellie Bly

She’ll be free. - Susan B. Anthony
— 1896 interview
I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change...I’m changing the things I cannot accept.
— Angela Davis